There is only one place on earth where the unique history of Carthusia could have developed and that is the Blue Island of Capri. A variety of olfactive nuances, endless hues of blue and a peculiar esprit de finesse of its people outline the ideal blend of elements captured in a collection of fragran- ces and body care and home products now renowned all over the world. The forefather is Fiori di Capri, an emblematic bouquet with wild carnation which recalls the legend enveloping the origins of Carthusia, officially born in 1948. Other bestsellers include Mediterraneo, sunny and sparkling, Carthusia Uomo, elegantly leathery, Terra Mia, a gourmand mix of coffee, hazelnut, vanilla, neroli and pink pepper, expressing the richness of a sun-filled land and persistent raw materials. Tuberosa is the latest addition to the line, a tribute to a perfumery icon. The newest perfume will see the light in 2021.