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What are cookies?

The website uses cookies. Cookies are strings of text comprised of letters and numbers sent to the user's device by websites they visit ("first-party" cookies) or by third-party sites ("third-party cookies"), which are re-sent to such sites upon each subsequent visit. Cookies are used to streamline the analysis of web traffic or signal when a specific site (or part of it) is visited. They serve to distinguish visitors from one another in order to provide personalised content, and help administrators to improve the site and browsing experience of users themselves. For simplicity, in this document, the term Cookie also refers to other types of active identifiers, such as beacons and pixels.

Other information stored on your device cannot be accessed through cookies, even in locations where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, or carry viruses or malware. They are not harmful to the user's computer or device.

All of the information on cookies installed through this site is provided below, as well as indications on how to manage your cookie preferences.

User consent

A brief disclosure on the use of cookies will be displayed to users upon their first visit to any page of

Through the selection tools available, users can consent to the use of cookies by selecting or deselecting the categories of cookies that they wish to authorise, in order to take advantage of the possibilities they offer while browsing. By clicking on the "I accept all cookies" button, users consent to the use of all of the site's cookies in the manner described in this Cookie Policy. By clicking on "I only accept necessary cookies", you refuse the use of cookies other than those technical and strictly functional to use of the site. By clicking on the "Customise your choices" button, users can access the selection of cookies that are not necessary for use of the site, to which they wish to consent.

The site remembers choices made by users on the device used for 6 months, therefore the brief disclosure will not be shown again when connecting from the same device. The user always has the right to revoke consent previously given, in whole or in part, as explained in the section "How to configure your browser".

If technical problems are encountered related to the provision of consent, please contact us through the appropriate channels provided by this site to allow us to assist you.

Types of cookies used

The use of cookies by the owner of this site, Cosmetica Italia - Associazione Nazionale Imprese Cosmetiche (hereinafter, “Cosmetica Italia”), with registered office in Milan on via Accademia no. 33, falls under its Privacy Policy. Click here for all of the information required by Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016.

By browsing this site, you will receive both cookies from this site, called first-party cookies, and cookies from third-party sites, which can install cookies on your device on our behalf in order to facilitate the services that they provide.

To allow the function of our site and provision of our services, we use both persistent cookies (cookies that are saved until they are manually deleted by the user, or for which removal is planned in the long term) and session cookies, which are not stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

The different types of cookies used and their functions are classified as follows:

Measurement Cookies (statistics, third-party) uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service that uses cookies to collect and analyse user browsing information. Neither Cosmetica Italia nor Google associate your IP address with other data in their possession to identify you directly. The “_anonymizelp” option is applied to protect the privacy of its users as much as possible, which requires the system to anonymise the last 8 digits of the user's IP address in Google Analytics. As such, the complete IP address is never written to a disk, effectively making the data analysed anonymous (visit the Google support site here for additional technical specifications).

The information collected is processed directly by our systems in order to produce reports for the administrators of, who use them to verify the correct functioning of services and potentially the satisfaction rate of content offered.

If you wish to disable statistics cookies, thus preventing Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing behaviour, you can also download the appropriate tool here.

Change your preferences or configure your browser to not accept cookies

If users wish to change their preferences to consent to cookies, they can reopen the selection panel of the choices made through the appropriate icon in the footer of the site at any time.

Users are always allowed to configure their browser to disable the reception of cookies. However, by disabling cookies, the site or some of its functions may not work properly. To change the way cookies are used, block their reception or delete the cookies on your terminal, simply enter your browser settings. Most browsers provide the ability to accept or reject all cookies or accept only some (such as those from specific sites).

The cookie configuration method varies for each browser, though it requires similar steps. For details on the procedure to be followed, users can visit the website or consult the 'Help' section of their browser. For more information on cookies and how to manage your preferences on third-party profiling cookies, please visit

Details of non-technical cookies used